What is double lotteries? Tips for playing two-player lottery effectively

When you are still not sure about the white lottery, you can mix the numbers and balls to find the Northern lottery pair. What is double lotteries? Knowing how to play the lottery will give players a safe way to bet with a high probability of winning.

What is double lotteries?

Before starting to bet, you need to know what the concept of double lottery is as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this way of playing!
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The concept of double lotteries

Double lotteries To put it simply, it means two lottery numbers. When betting, lottery numbers that appear on the same day will help players have more bonuses and profits than if they only bet on one number. If the two selected numbers do not appear, it means you lose and lose your bet.

What is the difference between cross lotteries and double lotteries? That is, with cross lotteries, players are required to correctly guess 2 numbers, but with double lotteries, only needing to hit one of the two numbers is considered a win and a bonus. A simple example for everyone to understand: When playing Northern lottery, the player chooses 3 numbers, 87 – 78 or 53 – 35, as long as the results of that day appear in the above numbers. then the player has profit.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of double lotteries?

As for advantages:

Compared to playing two-way lottery or cross-lottery, two-player lottery has a higher chance of winning and less risk. Because, when playing double lottery, you only need to bet on one number to win money. As for the white lotto, you can only play one number, the winning rate will be lower. Compared to other forms of betting, what are the advantages of double lottery? When playing, you just need to determine the correct ball, the possibility of 1 of 2 winning numbers will be very high. In particular, if you win both numbers, the bonus will be even higher.

In addition, playing the lottery also helps players avoid having to bet on the wrong numbers. Because the way to play double lottery is to play 2 lottery numbers, if the number 98 is predicted and you are afraid that the lottery will be a wrong number, you can completely bet on the number 89. Furthermore, players do not have to spend too much capital when playing the game. , this is because the double lot has been split into 2 numbers when betting.

So what are the disadvantages of double lotteries? Besides advantages, this type of betting also has limitations. The bet if you play double lotteries will be higher because the player has to bet on both numbers. In case you only win 1 number, the profit is not as high as playing the lottery. However, because of its safe and effective gameplay, it is still trusted and loved by many bettors.

How to play the lottery from the experts

Once you understand clearly what double lottery is, start learning how to play from the experts! The methods below can all be applied because they have been researched by long-time players and are highly effective.

Catch two lottery players through the prize

With this method, you can use the total lottery number and the first number of the special prize to find the winning numbers.

If you want to use the total number of the special prize to find out what the lottery number is, you will add all the numbers of the special prize until there are only 2 numbers left. For example, the previous day’s lottery number was 92780 and the total numbers were 26, then try playing 26 – 62 for today! If you can predict and are confident with your results, you can bet on a single number for the lottery to increase your profits.

To catch the lottery number according to the first number of the special prize, players need to follow the information we provide below:

Players need to pay attention to the first number of the special prize number when using this method. Then find all the numbers whose sum is equal to the first number of the prize and choose the 2 luckiest numbers in the series to bet on. With this tip, you should raise numbers within 3 days to increase your odds of winning the lottery. This method is more suitable for playing in the Central South, however it is still popular in the North. During the process of raising numbers, each player needs to consider the most reasonable amount of money.

How to pair numbers with two numbers according to the canarium method

This method is used by many players and is considered very effective. The two-player lottery is therefore very popular in the “red and black” player community. Some good players in the world use this skill very well. The shape of the ball is a factor in determining how to play with this method.

What is the fruit in the double lot? That is when the player arranges the prizes in a vertical line, then sees the prizes have 4 different numbers, this is the sign of the winning lot. At this time, pair the numbers to play the lottery.

For example, in the lottery results table, the numbers 2 and 3 are 38204, 52640, 11315. Please choose the pair of numbers 38 and 15 to bet on within 3 days to increase your winning rate. If after 3 days the lottery numbers still do not come back, you need to check again to get new numbers.

Find two numbers with silver memory

This method is applied by many experts and is a very popular method in the gambling world. This is a very effective and long-standing option that has been passed down and improved over the decades.
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With the memory method, players must rely on the lottery statistics from the previous day. Next, you can get the correct lot number and get it out the next day. To catch this lottery, players rely on signs such as double lottery, silent lottery, flashing lottery. Using the memory card method to play the lottery is applied by many people and is very effective.

What is double-lot frame farming?

Raising frames when betting on multiple lottery numbers is the player managing their capital to bet on lottery numbers in a short period of time, in which 2-day and 3-day frames are used the most by bettors. .

Raise the bamboo lotus for 2 days

What is the winning rate when raising a 2-day dual-lottery frame? Raising a two-day lottery is one of the ways to play that many players love and use. This way of playing does not require players to invest too much capital but the effect is very clear. If you choose to increase the 2-day frame, you can bet them at a ratio of 1:2 and 1:3.

Investing 1:2 is a safe and highly effective investment opportunity. However, this approach has a significantly lower win rate. An example of very simple gameplay: On the first day invest 2 lots and 100 points will be awarded for each lot. The next day, invest 200 points per lot. If the lot comes back, you will definitely make a profit.

Investing 1:3 is an investment option that gives players higher profits if the lot comes up. However, if you decide to invest this way, you must be sure about the pair of numbers you have chosen. With this way of playing, invest 100 points/number for the first day and 300 points/ticket for the first day. According to this way of playing, on the first day you will invest 100 points for each lot, then on the third day you will invest 300 points for each lot. In addition, the odds can also be doubled or tripled if the player is confident with his choice of number pairs.

What is 3-day frame culture?

Similar to playing 3-day lottery, this frame gives a higher winning rate than the 2-day frame due to the longer farming time. However, a high winning rate does not mean that everyone can easily win the lottery. The most reasonable bets for this cage are 1:3:6 and 1:3:8. Depending on their capital, players should choose the most reasonable way to deposit money to limit unwanted risks.


With all that information New88 provided, surely you all understand what double lottery is, the advantages and disadvantages of this type as well as how to play, right? Participate in betting at our game portal to receive attractive rewards!

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