Why Companies Choosing EngageLab and What can They Do?

A good company always wants to maintain a positive reputation. The key is to make your customers engage enough with your brand, and it’s time to invest in the EngageLabcustomer engagement platform. With the right tools, you can improve your company’s reputation and build stronger customer relationships to gain more loyalty. In this blog post, we’ll explore why EngageLab should be your choice.

Why Should You Choose EngageLab

EngageLab, a world leader in consumer engagement and marketing technology services, has partnered with hundreds of top companies across a wide range of sectors, including tech, media, automotive, financial, healthcare, and e-commerce. One of the reasons that keeping these companies are expanding their market share is EngageLab’s consistency in providing dependable and effective multichannel message marketing services so as to make them know their customers more intensely.

What EngageLab Can Do

EngageLab is a professional customer engagement service provider that provides a cloud-based communication platform and a variety of message marketing options to increase customer engagement. All of the message marketing solutions are customized to match the specific requirements of businesses in various industries. Here are the main products the EngageLab offers:

  1. App Push: App Push provides push notification services for enterprise apps, and one SDK completes access to notification services for all cell phone vendors, making integration easier and more successful;
  2. Sending Internation SMS: With quick response, multichannel back-up, and billing by zones, the International SMS service has multiple overseas delivery channels, covering 223 countries and regions, with millisecond response and delivery within 5 seconds, making your customer getting the information more quickly and attracting their minds;
  3. Sending International Email: The international mail channel has a directly connected overseas sending pool, which supports sending from domestic and international to international receiving domains with fast speed and high delivery. Additionally, the system provides a template marketplace, drag-and-drop editing, content adaption, content personalization, and the ability to preview each inbox rendering so that making your work more manageable.
  4. WhatsApp Business API: This service can connect more closely and naturally with over 2 billion global users through this WhatsApp Business soulution. And the official API interface is GDPR compliant and secured by WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption, which your customers could directly get in touch with you in WhatsApp to fit the Internet style of life.

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