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How to unblock websites on iPhone and iOS Devices

Your iPad or iPhone is a loved and trusted gadget that you take everywhere you go.

It’s almost like your other half. It’s almost your other half. But it isn’t all that enjoyable when you can’t access your favorite geo-restricted sites on it. This happens because governments and ISPs place website restrictions, which unfairly block your access to a large portion of the internet.

You may just want to surf the internet on your iPhone, regardless of whether you are at work or school. Perhaps it’s social media, YouTube, or a peer-to-peer network – but it’s blocked.

Many apps and websites are often blocked by firewalls that your school or office has set up.

Did you know that geo-blocks can be bypassed and you can access blocked content and websites in multiple ways?

Let’s now look at a few.

Three Effective Methods to Unblock Websites from iOS Devices

We’ve got a few methods for you to deblock sites on your iPad or iPhone.

1. Use an iOS-compatible virtual private networks (VPN)

A VPN allows you to easily access restricted websites on your iPhone.

To avoid problems, it is important to find out which VPN works best for iPhones and how to deblock websites from your iOS devices.

You should not use free VPNs as they are slow and potentially dangerous. Instead, spend some money and get a premium VPN compatible with iOS devices.

Before you choose a VPN, it is important to understand what you are looking for. Many VPNs boast claims like “fastest VPN” and “#1 voted”, among others. Many VPNs have the same appearance as one another, which can cause confusion.

These drawbacks can cause frustration. We recommend a paid VPN. It works faster than free VPNs, is more reliable, safer, and easier to use.

How to use a VPN to unblock websites on iPhones and iPads?

You might be a little confused if you are new to VPNs. This is a quick tutorial that will help you unblock sites on your iPhone with a VPN.

1. Sign up to get the best VPN for iPhone.

2- Install VPNs iPhone App

3. Connect to a server, then visit your favorite websites.

You can access all the information you need from your iPhone, no matter where you may be. It couldn’t get any easier.

2. You can change your DNS settings

You can also change your DNS settings to allow you access blocked websites from your iPhone or iPad. This can be done by simply accessing the Google DNS address, and changing your default DNS settings from there.

DNS is the Domain Name System. It converts hostnames to IP addresses. It is easy to change your DNS.

It’s easy to alter the DNS settings and unblock restricted websites, but it’s not difficult.

How do I change DNS to unblock websites on iOS devices?

This guide will show you how to do it step-by-step.

Go to Settings on your phone and enable Wi-Fi.

To access your Wi-Fi network, press the (i).

Change your DNS address to Google: 8.8.8, 8.8.4.

By default, you will be able access blocked websites.

3. You can also block sites using web proxies on iOS

Web proxy sites are the third option for unblocking blocked websites. These websites act as intermediaries between you and the website that you wish to visit.

Proxy sites, however, do not encrypt or protect your connection and can be hacked. They are also often unreliable.

If you are looking for the best VPN, we recommend a VPN. However, proxy vs. VPN is quite a debate.

How to use a proxy site to unblock websites on iOS devices?

You can use the proxy site to access any sites you wish by following these steps:

You should look for a reliable proxy site like If the page doesn’t load the first time, refresh it.

Enter the IP address of the website you wish to unblock.

Click on Surf.

Wrapping up!

It’s not a secret that schools, universities, and offices can restrict access to websites that they deem inappropriate or could hinder productivity.

These restrictions can sometimes be too restrictive. You can access your social media notifications and check your email easily with the right steps to unblock them. This will allow you to keep in touch with the outside world while also allowing you to view your messages.

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