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12 Essential SEO Tips for Beginners to Improve Website Ranking

Do you want to create a blog? Here are 12 SEO tips to help improve your website’s ranking. These basic SEO tips will help you rank your article quickly. These are some basic SEO tips that will help you rank your articles or posts.

Short URL

A short URL ranks faster than a long one in most cases. A short URL is better than a long one. It helps Google search console to quickly index and ranks faster.

How do I make a short URL?

It begs the question: How can we make a short URL? Follow my steps and you will be able to make a short URL.

Simply add the title

URL generated automatically

You must remove URL

Set manually the Short URL

How to optimize URLs to make search URLs more appealing to users and easier for users.

URLs are crucial for SEO as they influence the perception of the page through search engines and users’ attitudes. Backlinko’s international SEO expert Brian Dean has created a SEO Friendly URLs guide. He has collected recommendations based upon his own experiences. The manual has been translated, modified, and added to by Backlinko.

Google search for Keyword

Effective keywords are essential when you add a new post. For effective keywords, you can use the Google search engine. The Google search bar shows you keywords that are highly ranked and most searched keywords. You will need these keywords to be included in your post.

How do you use the Google search bar to find keywords?

It is very easy to search for r search keywords using the Google search bar. These steps are easy to follow:

You need to open

Type something

Google will display some suggestions

These suggestions can be used as keywords

Use an Amazon Keyword Tool

What does the Amazon keyword tool mean? Amazon allows you to search for the most relevant keywords for your post.

How do you find keywords on Amazon?

It’s very simple. To add Amazon extension, click here. Then, follow these steps:

Add Amazon extension

It can be opened and searched for the keyword you wish to rank

Amazon suggests suggestions

These suggestions are keywords

Use an excellent title tag

SEO’s most important component is the “Use perfect Title Tag”. It means that you must use the correct title tag for each post. This is an essential element for ranking posts.

How to create the perfect title tag

Five rules to create the perfect title, and how to get more traffic.

Use numbers

The volume of 5-9 words

Use negative language



Minimum 300 words are required for the description

Each day, we see thousands of ads. We will only be interested in a few of the messages and will not read them all. However, we will remember only a small number of appeals that will stay in our memory.

The main difference between these same units of eye-catching and attractive advertising messages lies in the marketing title. This is why you should pay special attention to the title of your message.

More content

Today, the rate of completion is high. Everyone publishes articles with maximum wording above 3,000 words. You should try longer content articles to increase your chances of ranking your article.

The founder of Backlinko, Brain Dean, a SEO expert, says that article content has a high chance of ranking if it contains 3,000 words or more. It is crucial that your article content is at least 3,000 words long to rank.

You can use a title tag that includes (best, review and year). )

It is important that your title tag includes words such as best, review, years, and so on. If you’re writing SEO-related articles, your title tag should contain years such as 2020, best SEO tricks 2020, etc.

This will allow you to quickly rank your article. You also need to update your blogs and posts. Sometimes, blogs rank in 2019. In these cases, you will need to update blogs that are related to 2020.

Add the number to your title tag

This will help increase traffic to your blog and improve the ranking of your posts. Number must be included in the title. However, you should not use it in your URL. Do not use the number in the URL, just as you would when purchasing a domain.

This topic is covered in an article I wrote. Choosing the right domain for your business.

Notification bar

You can use a notification bar to promote your post. How do you use the notification bar These are the steps to follow:

Install the “OneSignal plugin

Activate the plugin

Register for OneSignal

Set the notification bar on your website

How does it work? Your visitor will be notified when you post something new.

Fixed outbound and inbound links

What are the outbound and inbound links?

Outbound links:

Outbound links refer to links from the site that lead to external resources. These links can be classified into two types: high-quality or low-quality.

Quality outgoing links are a sign of quality

The authoritative site from which the link points corresponds to the topic of the page

Visitors will find the link useful. The page it links should be of benefit to readers. It should answer any questions they have.

This link is natural.

Poor outbound links are a sign of trouble

These links lead to “strange sites”, which are little-known, low-quality Internet resources. They are more likely to be sites that have a lot advertising.

They should not be compared to the subject matter of the page where they are placed

This can lead to illegal, fake, and “indecent” resources

Inbounds Links

Inbounds are links to other sites that increase traffic. These links can be very useful, especially if your post is ranking highly and you want other related posts to rank well, so make sure to include an inbound or internal link in your post.

This inbound link can be used to increase traffic to an older post.

Note You can automate your web site without WordPress by using the WHMCS SEO Management.

Remove incontinence pages

You must delete any pages that are not relevant to your post if you want it to rank highly. These pages can affect your site’s ranking.

How do you fix broken links and other pages that aren’t needed? It is easy to fix broken links. I have written an article on the subject.

Broken links can have a negative impact on site rankings.

Add video

Posts are usually ranked based on video. You can add a video that is related to your topic to your post. This will give you many opportunities to rank your article or post. You should include the video in your post.

You might make a YouTube video about SEO tips. In the meantime, you have added a YouTube clip to help rank your post.

Search keywords on Wikipedia

Wikipedia can be used to search keywords. Now you might be wondering how Wikipedia can be used for keywords. Follow these instructions:

Open Wikipedia

In the search bar, type keyword or topic

Wikipedia will display the result

You can ask any questions about the topic by leaving a comment.

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