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Enhancing Thermal Management with Huajing’s TP23011 Thermoelectric Module

Huajing, a leading brand in thermal management systems, offers the TP23011 thermoelectric module, a cutting-edge solution for efficient temperature control. In this article, we will explore the features and applications of the TP23011 model, highlighting its benefits in various industries. With its compact design and reliable performance, Huajing’s thermoelectric module is a versatile choice for achieving optimal thermal management.

Powerful and Compact Cooling System

The TP23011 thermoelectric module belongs to Huajing’s Plate to Liquid series, designed to cool or heat objects attached directly to the cold plate or enclosures through a thermal conductive container. This series utilizes a liquid circuit, which circulates the heat and dissipates it into the ambient air through a Liquid-to-Air heat exchanger. By combining efficient heat exchangers and Plate to Liquid Assemblies, the TP23011 module creates a compact yet powerful cooling system. Its standard assemblies are optimized for high cooling capacity and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for temperature cycling of electronic components, laser cooling, and analytical instruments.

Reliable Cooling for Various Applications

The TP23011 thermoelectric module is also a key component of Huajing’s Plate to Air series. This versatile module is used in three primary applications:

  1. Cooling Objects: It can cool objects directly placed on the cold plate or objects on an additional cold plate designed by the user.
  1. Enclosure Cooling: By attaching a thermal conductive container to the cold plate, the TP23011 module effectively cools enclosures, ensuring optimal temperature control.
  2. Liquid Cooling: Liquids can be cooled by attaching a thermal conductive tank or liquid heat sink to the cold plate. The TP23011 module absorbs the heat from the cold plate, pumps it through the thermoelectric modules, and dissipates it to the air using an air heat sink. This configuration offers compact and reliable cooling for applications such as cooling electrical devices, analytical instruments, lasers, and commercial refrigeration.

Compact Design and High Reliability

The TP23011 model is a thermoelectric cooler assembly designed by Huajing. It provides efficient cooling by direct contact with the cooled equipment at its cold end. The heat is removed from the hot end through forced air cooling, meeting rapid temperature rise and fall requirements. With its compact structure, small size, and high reliability, the TP23011 model is widely used in medical devices, where precise temperature control is crucial for equipment performance and patient safety.


Huajing’s TP23011 thermoelectric module offers outstanding thermal management capabilities for various industries. Whether as part of the Plate to Liquid series or the Plate to Air series, this module provides powerful and compact cooling solutions. With its reliable performance, compact design, and wide range of applications, the TP23011 module is a top choice for achieving efficient temperature control and enhancing the performance of electronic devices, analytical instruments, lasers, and medical equipment. Trust Huajing to deliver reliable and cutting-edge thermal management systems with the TP23011 thermoelectric module.

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