What Advantages Can A Portable RFID Reader Provide For Your Company?

The fashion industry’s delayed adoption of new technology has a long history. Fashion retail companies are acting quickly to streamline  manufacturing and products managemen, reduce expenses, and boost sales in the aftermath of the pandemic. Therefore, it should be no surprise that more companies are using handheld RFID readers.


Today, merchants, brands, and companies manage inventory between physical locations and online retailers. Business owners must also swiftly order and control products by current trends in clothing. In addition to these challenges, the cost of raw materials and storage space is rising yearly. Due to these factors, luxury brands and small fashion enterprises strive to boost productivity.

Inventory management is vital to satisfy consumer demand without running out of stock or keeping too much on hand. Effective retail inventory management lowers costs and increases practical understanding of sales patterns.

Why Pick UROVO?

The first maker of mobile computers and payment terminals was UROVO  Technology Co., Ltd. UROVO, founded in  2006, is the industry pioneer in producing portable computers (PDAs) and payment terminals. Listed  in Shenzhen Stock Exchange,  UROVO is a publicly traded company with an annual growth rate of over 50%.

After introducing the first PDA, the I60, in 2006, UROVO  became known as the innovator and industry stalwart in the mobility sector. The company has added more than ten products from various categories, including rugged mobile computers, Android handheld POS terminals, AIDC terminals, RFID readers, handheld barcode scanners, and portable thermal printers. The company holds several certifications, including EMC, ROHS, CE, CCC, FCC, and TU.

UROVO guarantees partners and clients unmatched quality and manufacturing capacity with more than 520 highly qualified experts from over 14 branches.

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