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Is it possible to rebuild corrupted PST files?

The PST files, or MS Outlook data files, are essential for storing all your important mailbox items like notes, calendar items and contacts. The PST files can be corrupted by both hardware and software failures.

Many people mistakenly believe that their mailbox items and data are permanently lost when the PST files become corrupted. This is false as it is possible to recover your data and also repair corrupted PST files. You can use different PST repair tools to recover your data and also fix corrupted PST files.

Keep reading to learn more about the PST file recovery process. Let’s start without further explanation.

What do you know about PST Files What can you do with them?

PST files can be used to store mailbox items. They are also known as MS Outlook data or Personal Storage Table files. PST files can support different file formats, including emails and contacts as well notes and calendar items.

MS developers invented PST. It’s been twenty years since the PST file format was introduced by MS Outlook. This file format allows MS Outlook to store local copies of mailbox items.

The PST file format is a great option for backup and archiving because it can store multiple types of files. PST files can cause Outlook corruption ;MS Outlook developers recommend that PST files not be used for long-term storage.

Signs that will indicate corruption of PST files

It is not easy to determine if the PST files are corrupted. However, there are several signs you should be looking for that can help you. PST file corruption can be seen in the failure to open MS Outlook. These are some of the symptoms that occur when PST files are corrupted.

MS Outlook may be able to detect any problems with your PST files and will ask you to fix them as quickly as possible.

Outlook may sometimes report that there are problems with system resources.

Sometimes, the MS Outlook application will crash when you try to open it.

Corruption is usually caused by the PST files not being closed correctly. If you include new items to the PST file, your hard drive could crash during writing, leaving the PST files invalid. The PST files may become corrupted, and you will not be able access them until the repair is completed. The data structure of the PST files will be also damaged, which could lead to permanent data loss.

How Can You Repair PST Files Using Our PST Repair Tool?

Our PST repair tool can help you recover all your data, even if they are corrupted. Because only a small amount of data can be corrupted in most cases, your data is safe and sound.

Our PST repair tool will allow you to move all data from corrupted PST files into a new PST. Our tool does not read or write to corrupted PST files so you don’t have to worry about data integrity. You can retrieve your data without further damage.

How long will the process take?

This is a common question. The PST rebuilding process can take longer if you have larger files. The time it takes to rebuild corrupted PST file depends on their contents and the size. This process will also depend on the speed of your storage and processor. No matter how large the file is, it won’t take longer than an hour if your computer has SSD. According to Tech Buyer SSDs are more efficient at reading and writing operations. You might need to wait a few hours if your HDD isn’t connected.

Should you Stop Using PST Files

After we have helped them recover their data, and repaired the corrupted PST files, this is another question that people frequently ask. The PST files can be corrupted, but there are no reliable ways to store MS Exchange items. The PST files should be used as they are. PST files offer both long-term irretrievability and portability.


You don’t have to be worried about rebuilding corrupted PST file files now that you know this. If you require further assistance, please contact us.

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