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Illuminate Your Shooting Experience with the Focuhunter 1X19mm Red Dot Sight: The Best Pistol Red Dot Sight Choice

The Focuhunter 1X19mm red dot sight revolutionizes your best pistol red dot sight with its exceptional illumination and advanced features. Engineered for precision and reliability, this red dot sight ensures optimal performance in any shooting scenario, whether it’s day or night.

Crystal-Clear 3 MOA Dot

Featuring a distinct 3 MOA red dot, the Focuhunter 1X19mm red dot sight offers precise targeting capabilities. With 10 adjustable brightness levels, shooters can customize the dot’s intensity to suit their environment and preferences. From low-light conditions to bright daylight, this red dot sight delivers unmatched clarity and visibility.

Versatile Illumination Settings

Designed for extended use, the Focuhunter red dot sight boasts side-mounted CR2032 battery support and an automatic Shake F’ Wake on/off function. Its brightness levels cater to various lighting conditions, with settings 1 and 3 compatible with night vision, levels 4 to 8 ideal for low-light and indoor use, and settings 9 and 10 tailored for daylight shooting.

Durable and Reliable Construction

Constructed from durable 6061-T6 Aluminum, the Focuhunter 1X19mm red dot sight is built to withstand the rigors of shooting activities. The enclosed pistol red dot sight design ensures readiness for any situation, while the expanded battery compartment ensures an extended battery life, keeping you on target for longer durations.

Advanced Lens Coating

The lens of the Focuhunter red dot sight is fully multi-coated and equipped with anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments, guaranteeing exceptional performance even in bright daylight. Say goodbye to distorted views and compromised accuracy – with this red dot sight, every shot counts.


With its advanced illumination features, durable construction, and precision engineering, the Focuhunter 1X19mm Red Dot Sight stands as the best pistol red dot sight choice for shooters seeking unparalleled performance. Whether you’re navigating low-light conditions or aiming under the bright sun, trust Focuhunter to illuminate your path to success.

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