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Enhance Accuracy and Efficiency with ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter by Pharmapack

The ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter is the latest offering from Pharmapack, a dependable supplier of pharmaceutical packaging solutions. This advanced counting and sorting machine is specially designed for tablets, capsules, and soft gels, offering integrated functions such as counting, inspection, filling, and weighing. With its precise counting capabilities and space-saving design, the ALFM-32C ensures accuracy and efficiency in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Streamlined Working Principle: From Loading to Filling

The ALFM-32C incorporates a seamless working principle that optimizes the counting and filling process. Products are loaded into the hoppers manually or automatically, and then fed onto the vibratory plates. The adjustable vibration frequency allows the products to move continuously and in single file through channels. Using the principle of the photoelectric effect, the detection tunnels accurately count the products, and the set number of products is filled into bottles through the vibration filling nozzles. Pharmapack’s commitment to innovation is evident in the ALFM-32C’s efficient and precise working principle.

Reliable Weight Comparison: Ensuring Accuracy

The ALFM-32C employs a static weighing system to ensure counting accuracy. Before filling, empty bottles or bottles with desiccants are transferred to the weighing system. The machine obtains and stores the weight data of the empty bottles. After filling, the bottles are weighed again. By comparing the weights before and after filling, the machine guarantees accurate filling. Any bottles with different weights, caused by variations in product count or weight, are efficiently rejected by the rejection star wheel. Pharmapack’s dedication to accuracy and precision is reflected in the ALFM-32C’s reliable weight comparison mechanism.

Integrated Functions: Space-Saving Solution

Pharmapack understands the importance of space optimization in pharmaceutical production facilities. The ALFM-32C combines multiple functions, including counting, inspection, filling, and weighing, into a single machine. This integration eliminates the need for separate equipment, saving valuable floor space. With the ALFM-32C, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers can maximize their production efficiency without compromising on accuracy. Choose Pharmapack’s ALFM-32C for a space-saving and versatile capsule filling machine solution.


Pharmapack, a trusted provider of pharmaceutical packaging solutions, presents the ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter. With its advanced working principle, reliable weight comparison mechanism, and integrated functions, this machine ensures accurate counting, filling, and sorting of tablets, capsules, and soft gels. Pharmapack’s commitment to delivering innovative capsule filling machines is evident in the ALFM-32C’s ability to streamline processes and save valuable space in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production facilities. Trust in Pharmapack for superior quality and performance in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Choose the ALFM-32C for enhanced accuracy and efficiency in your counting and filling operations.

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