Discover the 3-card lottery – 5 golden experience to help you win big

Although 3-digit lottery has become an indispensable part of the lottery game. However, for newcomers, the concept of 3 claws is still a vague thing. Therefore, the article below will provide information about 3-digit lottery numbers and other issues related to this pair of 3 numbers.​​
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Introduction to the 3-point topic

It can be understood by its name, 3-digit is a set of three adjacent numbers in a set of 5 numbers in lotteries and lottery results. With 3-card lottery, that set of three numbers is the special prize, while with 3-card lottery, that set of three numbers is in prizes 23-27 of the lot. These numbers can be the first 3 numbers, the last 3 numbers or the 3 middle numbers. However, some bookmakers only accept the last 3 numbers or the first 3 numbers and do not accept the middle 3 numbers.

For example, if the special prize result is 12345, the 3 digits could be 345 as the last 3 numbers, 123 as the first 3 numbers or 234 as the middle 3 numbers. Similar to other lottery products

Which type of 3 claws is the hottest?

Types of 3 claws can be classified based on geographical location or according to each separate type. However, the win rate and bet amount often depend on each player’s preferences and region.

Check out the 3 northern and southern regions

The 3-card lottery of the North is considered the most prominent and has a longer history than other regions. They are based on Northern lotteries such as Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Hanoi… The odds of winning the Northern special prize are about 1 bet and you will win 400 VND, higher than 2-number and lotteries. 

The South also has 3-digit lottery, but it is based on lottery results in the South such as Binh Thuan, An Giang, Tay Ninh… The odds of winning the special prize in the South are also 1 to 400.​​​

3-card lottery and 3-card lottery – Differences and how to play

The 3-digit lots are selected by taking 3 consecutive numbers from the special prize of the lottery results, including the first 3 numbers, last 3 numbers or 3 middle numbers. The odds of winning 3-card lotteries are 1 to 400 for the North, Central, and South and 1 to 835 or 970 when playing online. 

Lot 3 is usually chosen by taking the last 3 numbers of the first lot prize with a winning ratio of 1 to 982. However, only 1 first prize is taken because the lot has many prizes, so if you take the entire prize, the chance of winning is high. will be higher.

How much is the prize when winning 3 numbers?

The odds of winning lottery numbers depend on the location and method of playing. If you play using the traditional method, the winning rate will be lower than if you play online. However, the traditional method ensures more safety than playing online. 

Nowadays, many people switch from traditional methods to online gambling. However, in rural areas, traditional lottery betting is still a common habit. On the contrary, in urban areas, online betting is more popular and only a few people play traditional lottery numbers at iced tea shops or sidewalk cafes.

3-card lottery and 3-card lottery – Differences in rewards

In the traditional form of playing lotteries, placing a bet of 1 to 400 means placing a bet of 1,000 VND for a chance to receive 400,000 VND. However, in the form of online lottery, when placing 1 number, the player can receive 835 or up to 970-982 VND. This is a quite large number, almost double that of the traditional way of playing. 

Online lottery bookmakers often increase payout rates to attract more players. However, not many bookmakers accept 3-digit lottery bets. Instead, some bookmakers only accept placing 3 numbers of the first prize with a bet rate of 1 to 982, which means placing a bet of 1,000 VND for a chance to receive 982,000 VND.

Great winning rate of 3-card lottery 

According to MB66 calculated, there are a total of 1000 3-digit numbers from 000 to 999, but only 1 number will win the special prize. Therefore, the winning rate will be 0.1%, which is very low. This requires us to consider before deciding to bet on 3-cards with a winning rate of 1%, lotteries are 27%.

To increase the winning rate of 3 digits, we can play more numbers. If you play 100 numbers, the winning rate is 10%, 300 numbers are 30%, 500 numbers are 50%, and 800 numbers are 80%. However, it should be noted that if we lose, we will lose the amount we bet on those numbers.

5 experiences in playing 3-card lottery that cannot be ignored

Everyone knows that winning a lot of money in 3-way lottery is very important. But there are valuable experiences that others pay for with money. You should read those experiences not only to increase your chances of winning big but also to avoid being deceived and losing money during the playing process.
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Don’t believe in 100% standard bets

Many people online sell “special” numbers with a 100% winning rate, but in reality it’s just a scam. If they have a solid number, why share it or sell it to others? Remember that the probability of winning 3 is only 0.1%, so don’t believe what they say and lose money buying such “special” numbers.

Play 3-card lottery online to save time

If you play lottery online, the amount you win is almost double compared to the traditional way of playing. Therefore, we should change our habit of playing lottery and switch to playing lottery online for more convenience. However, choose a reputable bookmaker to ensure safety and stay away from scammers.

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