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Time Delay Relay Solutions: Precision Control and Enhanced Functionality with CHINT

Relays play a crucial role in control circuits, serving various functions such as intermediate, protection, time delay, and pulse or count. Among the plethora of relay options available, CHINT stands out with its diverse range of series, including the JZX-22F Miniature Power Relay, NKG3 Time Switch, JSZ3 Time Delay Relay, and NTE8 Time Delay Relay.

CHINT Relays: Meeting Diverse Application Needs

CHINT offers a comprehensive selection of relay series designed to cater to a wide array of applications. Whether it’s for daily household appliances, industrial control circuits, or mechanical equipment, CHINT relays provide reliable performance and versatility.

NKG3 Time Switch: Precision Timing Control

The NKG3 Time Switch from CHINT offers precise timing control capabilities, ensuring accurate operation of connected devices according to predefined schedules. Whether it’s for lighting systems, heating equipment, or other timed operations, the NKG3 Time Switch delivers dependable performance.

JSZ3 and NTE8 Time Delay Relays: Enhancing Circuit Functionality

CHINT’s JSZ3 and NTE8 Time Delay Relays are engineered to add functionality and flexibility to control circuits. With adjustable time delay settings, these relays enable users to tailor the timing parameters to suit specific application requirements, enhancing overall circuit performance.

JZX-22F Miniature Power Relay: Compact and Reliable

The JZX-22F Miniature Power Relay exemplifies CHINT’s commitment to delivering compact yet robust relay solutions. With its small form factor and high reliability, this relay is ideal for space-constrained applications where dependable performance is paramount. 


In conclusion, CHINT’s extensive lineup of relay products, including the JZX-22F Miniature Power Relay, NKG3 Time Switch, JSZ3 Time Delay Relay, and NTE8 Time Delay Relay, offers unparalleled versatility and reliability for a wide range of control circuit applications. Whether it’s for household, industrial, or mechanical use, CHINT relays deliver precision timing control, enhanced functionality, and compact yet dependable performance.

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