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Smallgig’s MagicFIZ Wireless Follow Focus Basic Kit Revealed”

Embark on a journey through the realm of filmmaking technology as Smallgig introduces the MagicFIZ Wireless Follow Focus Basic Kit. In this Q&A, tech enthusiasts will gain a comprehensive understanding of the features that make this wireless follow focus and remote follow focus a standout choice for those seeking precision, creativity, and seamless control in their cinematic pursuits.

What sets the MagicFIZ Basic Kit apart in terms of focus control?

At the heart of the MagicFIZ Basic Kit lies a precision-focused control mechanism, allowing tech enthusiasts to achieve unparalleled accuracy in adjusting the lens focus. The intuitive design of the handheld controller ensures a seamless experience, enabling users to attain the exact focus point desired for each shot.

How does the motorized feature elevate the creative possibilities in filmmaking?

Smallgig’s MagicFIZ introduces a motorized brilliance that revolutionizes cinematic creativity. The motor, seamlessly integrated with the handheld controller, responds with swift precision to every command. This feature empowers tech enthusiasts to experiment with dynamic focus transitions, adding a layer of fluidity and grace to their visual storytelling.

What makes the MagicFIZ Basic Kit user-friendly for tech enthusiasts?

The MagicFIZ Basic Kit prioritizes a user-friendly experience with an intuitive interface on the handheld controller. Tech enthusiasts can navigate effortlessly through settings, customizing their filming experience with ease. Smallgig’s commitment to accessibility ensures that even users new to wireless follow focus systems can quickly adapt and make the most of the MagicFIZ kit.

How does the MagicFIZ Basic Kit embrace the concept of wireless freedom?

Embracing the essence of wireless technology, the MagicFIZ Basic Kit eliminates the constraints of cables and tethers. This wireless freedom allows tech enthusiasts the flexibility to move seamlessly, capturing shots from various angles without the hindrance of physical connections. The seamless wireless communication between the controller and motor exemplifies Smallgig’s dedication to unlocking limitless cinematic potential.


For tech enthusiasts seeking to push the boundaries of cinematic expression, the MagicFIZ Wireless Follow Focus Basic Kit by Smallgig emerges as a technological masterpiece. From precision focus control to motorized brilliance, user-friendly interfaces, and wireless freedom, this kit encapsulates Smallgig’s commitment to excellence in filmmaking technology. Elevate your cinematic craft and unlock the full spectrum of creativity with the MagicFIZ Basic Kit – a technological marvel crafted for the discerning tech enthusiast.

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