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How to use video to grow your online presence

Social media has made it very clear that video content is on the rise. Instagram made an official statement a few months ago stating that they no longer offer photo-sharing apps. This format has become an irreplaceable source of online content due to its high demand and availability.

It is easier to create and consume videos than ever before. Many platforms can be used from a phone, so users can spend hours on these social media sites. Creators can edit and upload videos quickly thanks to the online video editor.

Without videos, it is almost impossible to grow your online presence. What are some ways you can get ahead of the game if your company is late?

Online videos can be divided into two types: informational and entertainment. Both are equally important in order to establish a brand online and increase your audience. These are just a few ways you can do it.

Type One: Informative Videos

These videos are intended to inform, educate or enlighten users not only about your brand but also about another part of your business. These videos are a great way to reach large audiences online.

Your product or service is not the only thing that matters. The content should be relevant to all aspects of your business. If your business sells accessories for cars, the content can be adapted to all of them. Videos can be made about styling, car purchases, market trends, and more.

This format can be further broken down into the following categories:


Interviews with the right people can help you increase your online presence. Relevant guests can help you reach the right people and increase your user base.

These content pieces are easier to produce for both the brand and the consumers. These pieces of content can also be used as podcasts, which can reach a wider audience.

Thought Leadership

As with interviews, thought leadership can bring in huge traffic to your social media pages. These usually provide an explanation of the brand or founder’s ideas about the business.

Videos featuring the people behind the business can be inspiring and enlightening, while also pointing users to the brand. This content format is particularly useful when selling services such as online medical and healthcare.


Testimonial videos can be a direct and simple way to show real customer reviews about your product or service. These videos are often used in B2B to show the real opinions of clients.

Marketing and sales are essential parts of any business. However, genuine consumers can build trust in the brand by sharing their opinions. Ask your customers to speak to a camera. You can also create videos of them enjoying the product or animated existing reviews online.

Reviews can also be a great way to build a brand.

Case Study and How To

The “how-to” videos or explainer videos are one of the most popular and searched for content. These videos educate users on a particular problem. These videos are becoming more important than ever as blogs and user manuals become outdated.

Your brand should be able to provide “How-to” content that addresses the most frequently asked questions of consumers.


You can take your explainer videos to the next level by creating full-length documentaries about your business. These documentaries are more detailed than explainer videos and provide a comprehensive overview of your product.

These videos could include the creation of a product or the birth of an idea. They also show behind-the scenes of your factory. Users will remember your brand as long as they find the content engaging.

Type Two: Entertaining Videos

To create an enjoyable online experience, you should explore entertaining videos. These videos are fun and easily shared.

Here are some ways to make entertaining content:

Short-Form Content

Short-form content is a hot trend on the internet. They are essential in building an online brand.

To make the most out of your short-form content, use the Reels tool in Instagram. They are passive feeds, just like Tik Tok, and can help you discover new audiences.

Animations, trend-based videos and comedy sketches are all examples of this type of content. Your goal is to offer enough content every day to keep users interested and entertained.

An online video editor is a great advantage due to the popularity of short-form videos. These templates are simple and allow anyone to create short videos daily for social media within a matter of minutes.

Live Videos

It’s easier than ever to stream live videos. It is easy to make live streams with the help of Instagram Live or Youtube Live. These videos allow users to interact with each other and require minimal effort.


A video series is a collection of videos that are repeated weekly and aim to entertain users. These can be in the form explainers, sketches, or any other format. It is important to stick to a single theme and create more videos.

These videos are based on the product’s domain. If you own an online clothing brand, for example, a series on fashion trends, tutorials, and makeovers will attract the attention of your target audience.

A series allows users to move from one video to another and allows them to consume more content of the same type.

Last tips for a better online presence

Here are some tips to maximize your online content.

Make sure you link keywords to videos. These keywords help brands find the right audience and make suggestions.

Follow the brand guidelines. Use different videos on different platforms. You can adapt them to each platform.

Make sure you are creating content that is relevant to the audience’s interests. Allow them to choose more of the content they desire.

Promote your work. Uploading content is not enough to get results.

Maintain a consistent posting schedule. It is easy to become irrelevant when there are so many videos online. You will grow your audience if you keep at it.

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