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How to 100% Repair Broken Links on Your Website 2022 Updated

How to fix broken links on your website 100% This article will explain how to fix broken links on your website. If you’re interested in learning more, you can read the following article:

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What are the broken links?

Why is it important to fix broken links

How do I find broken links?

How do you fix broken links?


Let’s start:

What’s the problem with broken links?

Broken links refer to links that have expired or are not working URLs.

A broken link is one that the server displays to users when they click on it. This message states “the page doesn’t exist or was never found”. Users may not find the links, images or web documents they are searching for due to site settings errors or server crashes.

Broken links are a sign that traffic is dropping and people don’t stay on the site as long. They will most likely affect the ranking in the SERP. Broken links should only be internal. They can lead to non-existent pages, sites, or files.

Why broken links are important?

Your traffic may be declining. You should check for broken links. Broken links are why we need to fix them.

Furthermore, Google search robots scan resources and analyze content to find broken links. They click on them and report errors.

The robot will receive code 410 if it realizes that the page is not there and it is not necessary to analyze it. The search engine will receive code 404 to indicate that the page is no longer available.

The robot will then check the robot again during the next analysis and note the absence.

Sometimes, error 404 can also be displayed when the server issues 200 response codes (everything works, the page is visible), but it is missing or empty. This is known as “404 SOFT”.

This is when a page that is not present does not return a URL or redirects to the relevant page.

How do you find broken links?

Broken links can be easily found. I use this website to check for them. I often use this site for checking broken links “”.

You can also check these extensions if you have a particular extension for checking broken URLs.

You can visit the Broken Link Check website and then follow the steps below to check broken links.

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Click on “Find Broken Links”

Complete the Security code

Click here to Find Broken Links Now


All broken links will be visible in your site’s list after a while. Next, fix broken links.

How do you fix broken links?

It is simple to fix broken links . After you have found broken links, click on the URL and verify the URL’s location. These are the steps to fix broken links.

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Locate the broken link

Go into Dashboard

Modify the post

Remove or renew the broken link


It was so easy! If you want broken-free links websites, then these are the steps to follow. Although most people believe that it is unnecessary to fix broken links, this is completely false. It can have a negative impact on your website traffic. This is how to fix broken links.

Thank you for reading. Please share your tips and tricks to find broken links in the comments box.

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